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AAA Appraisals

AAA Appraisal & Consulting, Inc. is a full service real estate appraisal and consulting company serving the greater New York City area. With over sixteen years in the real estate appraisal industry, we are experts in the valuation of both residential and commercial properties.

Steps to an Appraisal

Signing the Proposal

Once the client engages us in the valuation of a property, an engagement letter (also known as a proposal letter) must be signed by the client in order for the appraiser to start work on the assignment.

Property Inspection

The property inspection is a vital part of an appraisal since it allows the appraiser to properly assess the interior and exterior condition of the property, as well as the condition of all fixtures and appliances.

Analysis of the Property

The appraiser performs research on the subject neighborhood, zoning, real estate taxes, highest and best use, and applies the appropriate valuation methodologies.

Appraisal Report

Once the appraiser has completed the research and analysis phase of the assignment, the appraiser then writes the narrative appraisal report.

Services Offered


Due to the diverse nature of real estate and the uniqueness of each property, we also provide consulting services for our clients.

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Our main goal is to produce the most credible, accurate and custom tailored appraisals that would best serve our clients’ intended use and purpose.

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Certified Real Estate Appraisals

AAA is here to service all of your appraisal needs.


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